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Wake Up CBD - oil CBD + L-thyrosine

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10 ml CBD full spectral oil

supported by the Power of L-Tyrosine. Tyrosine is a neurotransmitter building block that can provide a clear head during stress. Tyrosine is a precursor of various neurotransmitters and is therefore of crucial importance in neurotransmitter synthesis, such as epinephrine and norepinephrine (better known as adrenaline and noradrenaline). Norepinephrine is also a hormone in the human body and is produced in the adrenal medulla. It is related to adrenaline.

The hormone noradrenaline stimulates the cardiovascular system. Adrenaline is a stress hormone and as such creates the prerequisites for the rapid provision of energy reserves. In addition, the building block L-thyrosine plays an important role in the production of the mood hormone dopamine or its precursor L-dopa. Dopamine is a biogenic amine. It is also popularly known as a happiness hormone. Dopamine is also a component of adrenalin.

Dopamine has a motivating effect on the one hand and increases drive on the other. In combination, l-tyrosine has an effect on many messenger substances that help you to achieve a fast fitness level both psychologically and physically.

This product contains 0.0% THC