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Valeo 2.5% CBD E-liquid | THC & nicotine free 10ml

Valeo 2.5% CBD E-liquid | THC & nicotine free 10ml

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A global best-seller: CBD liquids.
Our liquids are produced exclusively from CBD crystals of pharmaceutical quality.
CBD = cannabidiol, CAS-No. 13956-29-1.

Our CBD-Crystal isolate has a purity of more
than 99% and therefore is extremely pure.
This product contains 0.0% THC and thus
is tradable without any legal restrictions or problems
in those countries stated below. By means of first
ultrasonic cavitation extraction followed by a wiped
film distillation you can neither feel nor taste any solvents.
The extracts we used come from pesticide-free and herbicide-free cultivation. Consequently, these CBD-Crystals can be considered as the purest ones worldwide.