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Orange County CBD Oil for Pets 350mg (30ml)

Orange County CBD Oil for Pets 350mg (30ml)

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CBD specifically for your pets:

350mg strength in 30ml

Puppies, kittens, cats, and dogs are some of mankind’s non-human best friends. No matter their age, every cat and dog breed is remarkable. Some have sleek fur and multicolored coats, while others are spotted and furry beyond belief. But have you ever wondered about the internal anatomy of your cherished pets? This may or may not have come as a shock to you, but the composition of cat and dog organs are quite similar to our own as humans. Though we physically look nothing like our favorite cats and dogs, our bodies are so much more similar to theirs than you might think


Some examples of the functions that the endocannabinoid system is responsible for include…

  • Balance and coordination
  • Muscle movement
  • Reproductive systems
  • Activation and suppression of appetite
  • Digestive tract
  • Memory and recollection abilities
  • Heart rate and blood pressure
  • Ability to feel pain and pleasure
  • Mood regulation and stability
  • Reproductive processes in males and females
  • Development of the brain
  • Internal clock

·       The Relationship Between the Endocannabinoid System and CBD for Pets

  • Now that we have reviewed the cannabinoid system, let’s talk about how it relates to CBD oil for pets, as well as how this system interacts with CBD. When pets ingest CBD oils, extracts of any strain, or treats made with cannabis-based ingredients, the endocannabinoid system jumps into action to process the cannabis. Once the endocannabinoid system is activated, the effects of CBD and hemp begin to display themselves.

·       Endocannabinoid Systems of Cats and Dogs: Cannabinoids and Their Receptors

  • Cannabinoids influence certain parts of your pet’s brain. From the brainstem on up towards the brain, cannabinoids effect all parts of the central nervous system. The brain of cats, dogs, and even humans is categorized into three primary regions. From the posterior to the anterior, these sections are the hindbrain, the midbrain, and the forebrain.
  • From there, the brain is further divided into four lobes: occipital, parietal, frontal, and temporal.


            CBD for pets works to eliminate many unwanted symptoms, including but not limited to…

  • Inflammation
  • Arthritis
  • Anxious tendencies
  • Separation anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Physical bodily pain
  • Minor and major joint pain
  • Heightened stress levels
  • Inability to fall or stay asleep
  • Seizure disorders

This product contains 0.0% THC