CBD and Mindfulness. Time to relax with CBD Espania

CBD and Mindfulness. Time to relax with CBD Espania

It’s no secret that mindfulness is one of the major keys to happiness, yet it seems like no one actually explains the steps to achieving that serenity. Inner happiness can’t be bought; how are we supposed to get there in our own lives? Everyone is on their own journey, so the steps to get there will never be black and white. After extensive research, CBD Espania has compiled a short list of daily mindful practices to create a happier you by changing the way you experience life!

Staying In The Moment

Stay in the moment. Sound familiar? You’ve likely received this solid advice several times over the course of your life. Allowing your mind to linger on situations that have happened in the past, or over-thinking future events is a great way to create discomfort in your life. This unnecessary feeling prevents you from achieving the happiness that you desire. Creating unnecessary expectations in your mind doesn’t allow organic situations or opportunities to arise in the present ⎯ you aren’t there mentally to address them. As you daydream about the future, and those standards you set for yourself fall short, so will the amount of happiness that you achieve. Let’s not let these expectations exceed reality! 

Mind-wandering happens to the best of us. One study found that the brain wanders 30% of the time during everyday activities and can get up to 70% during others. So what does this mean for our levels of happiness? Luckily, we can always re-shape our thought patterns. For example, when your mind is stuck on an event or awkward interaction that happened previously, it isn’t opening you up to continue living your life. Instead, allow the emotions from that interaction to come and go without judgment, and make peace with it so that you’re able to move on. This will send the discomfort out of your life. Thinking ahead to prepare for certain events is fine, but don’t hang on to small details.

The truth is, our attention spans only last about five seconds, which doesn’t leave much time for concentration before we’re jumping into the next thought. The key is staying curious in the moment and not reaching for our phones. Concentrating on the now can seem boring, but keeping yourself in the present is a tool for happiness ⎯ and we all can access it. Being in the moment can create a perspective you never knew existed before! Getting into this space can take effort, and the work you put in won’t go unnoticed. Loving yourself along the way is very important, so we recommend treating yourself to a small reward every time you engage in being fully present. Begin by trying CBDfx gummies to thank yourself for the work you put in; it will all pay off in the future!

Breathe Deeply

Breathing is about as second nature as it can get ⎯ it’s what connects us to this world. It’s easy to forget how powerful this everyday action is, but by focusing on your breathing, you can create a space for your body and mind to relax, evaluate how you’re doing and offer a sense of peace. The average person will take around 17,000 breaths per day, so let’s make some of those breaths count! 

Breathing does not have to be a huge ordeal that eats up any of your precious time; it can be done anywhere and anytime – all you need to do is sit up straight! The main breathing tools are already natural to you. There are a few ways to think about breathing, and two, in particular, are exceptionally useful. The first is to place one hand on your lower stomach. As you inhale, think of pulling your belly button in towards your spine and exhaling out into your palms. The second option is to breathe deeply, allowing your rib cage to expand in all directions. Now breathe out. Repeat these steps, but each time, exhale a bit slower than before. That’s it! That’s all it takes. You’re a regular breathing connoisseur. 

Finding ways to transform shallow breathing into a deep, meaningful breath relaxes your body on a cellular level. Doing this on a consistent basis can also remove those negative or unwanted thoughts as well. You can also use certain tools in the beginning to help you focus on achieving deeper breathing. These tools include alarms on your phone, calendar reminders and even things as simple as a CBD vape pen that draws attention to each breath.

CBD for meditation

Consider The Quality Of Your Relationships 

The quality of the relationships that you maintain plays a major part in the way that you approach life as a whole. Good relationships will provide you with physical and emotional support that encourage happier, healthier living, while bad relationships are filled with detractors that offer the exact opposite effect. When being mindful of your overall well being, it’s important to consider which relationships you place the greatest importance in, then determine whether these relationships are being maintained properly.

While it’s easy to say whether or not certain relationships are good or bad, most can be placed into something of a gray area, which makes things a bit more difficult for you. Gray area relationships need to be addressed and fixed with the same energy as bad ones, and it’s okay if you need to take some time to determine their true status. The best way to do so is by asking yourself a few questions. First and foremost, does the relationship make you happy? Do you feel good about the way that you and this other person interact, and do you feel that you can trust them? Second, ask yourself if you believe that the relationship makes the other person happy. Have you been a good friend to them in the past, and are there any areas where you’ve clearly dropped the ball in the relationship? 

If the answers to your questions point to both of you being happy and trusting each other, then you can consider it a good relationship and work to maintain that status. However, if one or both of you seem to be unhappy, you can consider it a bad relationship and work to amend it by finding ways to improve how you interact with each other. If things still aren’t working, then it might be best to forget the relationship altogether and focus on the ones that function well and bring you joy. Similar deliberation should be made when considering CBD products, which can also work to improve your daily quality of life, and you can rest assured that CBDfx will always provide you with the highest quality products on the market!

Always Be Grateful

As you move through your day, keep in mind the things that helped build you up and guide you to where you are now. Be grateful for all of the physical and spiritual gifts that you’ve received in the past and present, and recognize that the future is bound to grant you even more moments to be grateful for. By focusing on these instances, you’re avoiding any negativity that might have otherwise crept in, and you’re giving yourself something nice to consider as your day moves along.

Since gratefulness is all about the way that you view things, you can determine the positive value of virtually everything, whether it actually left you at an advantage or disadvantage. Those instances that left you at an advantage are simpler and therefore preferable since they offered positive guiding forces. Having parents capable of paying for your schooling, coaches working extra hard to train you in a given sport, CBDfx offering you a wide assortment of delicious CBD tinctures; these types of situations are the easiest to be grateful for, since they often supply nothing but positivity from the very beginning.

Oftentimes, even the negative experiences in life are worth being grateful for. While this might seem like an odd statement to make, it’s true; just like the positive moments in your life, negative moments helped shape you into who you are now. Failing a math test gave you greater motivation to study hard and gain a greater understanding of the material. Having to support yourself through schooling allowed you to learn how to better support yourself for later in life. Even the negatives possess positive aspects, and if you can teach yourself to identify these positives, then you’ll always have something to be grateful for!

With these steps in mind, you’ll be able to approach every day with a bright, positive mindset. We can all achieve happiness so long as we’re willing to put our minds to the task; practising these mindful steps in our day to day lives will allow you to reach goals that you may have never thought were attainable in the past!

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